DIY Miniature Greenhouse

Nov 8, 2008   //   by myrakelly   //   gardening  //  No Comments


A few weeks ago we got some unfortunate news. Our landlords were moving back to New Zealand and they wanted their house back. So after five long years in this wonderful house and just as the planting season is starting to kick in I suddenly had nowhere to plant my seedlings! I had just ordered all these heirloom seeds and had prepped the vege patch, so what was I to do? I had to give these seeds a temporary home before we found a new house to make our new vege garden at.

This makeshift miniature greenhouse that I made was like a tropical heaven for my seeds. They sprouted up in less than a week and in the picture above they’ve been growing for maybe two weeks. All I did was place my seed raising tray inside one of those thick plastic bags that your new duvet cover or sheet set comes in. It’s a good boxy shape to fit the tray in and it creates a super warm and cosy home for your wee babies. If you want to provide a little extra encouragement in the colder weather you can sit the whole thing on top of a hot water bottle and just change the water once or twice a day.

We found a new place with a big back yard so I’ll be roping in a few extra hands for a working bee to make a new vege garden. I’ll try to take lots of pictures as it all grows!

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