"She's living proof that if you learn to understand your body and give it what it needs, you'll be a happier person and lead a more beautiful life."


"Kelly and Nellie are both great examples of the benefits of healthy living."

Jo Stewart, Yoga & Pilates Teacher

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About Us

Kelly Myra

I'm Kelly. A designer and raw vegan food lover! I've come to this lifestyle through years of intuitively gravitating towards nourishing wholefoods. I grew up with home cooking and home grown veges. While we didn't avoid processed foods entirely, Mum did most of her own baking, jam making and cooking from scratch. We always had a vege garden and fresh veges on the menu. All of this helped me to learn from an early age to be creative and self sufficient in the kitchen.

I began moving away from eating animals at an early age, eventually becoming full vegetarian by the age of eighteen. I started learning about using food as medicine, gluten-free cooking and after meeting Nellie and other vegan friends, I quit the dairy and eggs and joined team vegan. But I was still eating some processed & refined foods so I was still experiencing less than optimal health. In 2008 I came across the raw food diet and decided to try it out. The changes after as little as a week were more than I could have imagined. I felt superhuman. My skin and digestion cleared up, I felt happy all the time and was no longer anxious, stressed and depressed. I had more energy and needed less sleep. All the little things I didn't even realise were problems just faded away. My intuition became stronger, I became more in tune with my body and a more natural way of living. It wasn't just about eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, I already did that. It was also about how I was preparing them and also what I was now leaving out of my diet - the refined carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods. After exploring many varities of the raw vegan diet from gourmet raw to high fruit, I now eat a consistently high raw diet with a small amount of healthy cooked vegan wholefoods. I also practice yoga, meditation and reiki and continue to work on my health from all aspects because health is not just about what you eat.

I love sharing this way of living with people. Wherever I go I am always making food for friends and family and I love seeing people discover how delicious and easy it is to make plant based meals. I have experienced how simple it can be to improve your health just by improving your diet and your thinking. Good health should come easily and the simplest way is eating as close to nature as possible. So listen to your body, make health your hobby and start now by eating more fruits, veges, nuts and seeds!

Nellie Nature

Hi! I’m Nellie Nature and I am a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. My passion for Natural Health started as a little girl in NZ with my nanny who used fresh herbs to heal, her love and knowledge more than inspired me. I wish I could say that it has always been happy sailing, I have gone through a few health concerns with one of the biggest being very severe acne. At the time I was doing “everything right “You know, ticking all the boxes! I was vegeterian, macrobiotic, meditated and did kickboxing, yet I had this horrible inflamed skin.

Thats when, luckily, I meet my first Naturopath and she taught me two of my biggest lessons when it comes to health.

  • That my body was not “letting me down” but working really well and letting me know something wasn’t working on the inside so I now had the opportunity to fix it
  • That there is no one diet or answer for everybody.

My approach to health and happiness begins with the idea that we are all individuals, special and unique and need to treat our bodies with love, honesty and compassion to achieve the health and happiness. I now realise we need to nurture and nourish our bodies and have fun sometimes too. The mind is so important and our relationship with ourselves, our food and our environment is too. It’s exciting to help people feel better, to let go of their judgements on themselves and to breathe. Yes, sometimes you need to shake things up a little, look at what you are eating, get moving and even think a little differently, we all deserve to feel amazing and we all can!

Our bodies are constantly trying to reach a balance and our diet and lifestyle should reflect this. I work with my patients to help them reach their health goals, reduce stress, ease inflammation and reach a place where they feel energetic, calm, happy and in control. A place where they celebrate life. Feeling good about themselves.

When I was working at an exclusive spa in Thailand, I got to treat some high profile guests. One of my favourites that I got to meet was Raymond Blanc. I love his approach to food and will always remember him saying to a room full of executives, celebrities and models, that “as far as he was concerned, food should be an act of love for yourself and your family and serving up premade prepackaged frozen food was an act of hate” So eat, live, move and think with love and respect for yourself, your environment and your future.

You can also find me at Fitzroy Therapeutics if you are interested in booking a consultation for naturopathy, iridology, hemaview or relaxation massage.

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