Florence Fennel & Strawberry Salad

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Strawberries have just arrived at Commonsense Organics! To celebrate the onset of summer produce I threw these few ingredients together for lunch today and it turned out great. It just tastes like summer. And because all the ingredients are really juicy you don’t even need a dressing. I found it perfect just as is.

3-4 Large Strawberries

1/2 a Lebanese Cucumber

1 Small Fennel Bulb

A Handful of Fennel Fronds

2 Cups Chopped Lettuce

1/2 Avocado

Slice the strawberries, cucumber and fennel bulb with a mandoline. Finely chop the lettuce and the fennel fronds and dice the avocado into thin pieces. Combine everything in a bowl to serve. Easy.

Strawberries are the one of the most popular berries in the world. Not only do they taste and look great but they are also full of anti-oxidants. They are also heart-protective, anti-cancer fruit, and anti-inflammatory.

Nutrient-wise, strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. They’re also pretty high in fibre and a good organic source of iodine.

You can read more about the big red berries here

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  • Kelly, This salad looks absolutely mouth-watering!! I also indulged in those wonderful strawberries from Commonsence in a green smoothie this morning. I really must get myself a mandoline. I have been searching for a good one at a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing this. It is so good to have someone who blogs in this part of the globe and who knows what is in our local stores 🙂

    PS. Did you manage to by your cucumber organic?? or did you grow your own.

  • Hi Chris! I got a really cheap mandoline from Nood in Petone. It’s plastic with a ceramic blade. And they had cucumbers at commonsense too.

    Last summer I made a green smoothie with strawberries/banana/spinach/mint which was delish. Gotta try that one again.

  • Hey thanks Kelly, I will be sure to pop into Nood when I am next in the Petone area and see if they have any mandolines left!! Also love your suggestion of adding mint to smoothies …

    Keep blogging !!


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