The Lunch Bunch: Salad with Hemp Seeds & Brazil Nuts

Feb 25, 2011   //   by Kelly   //   Blog, Recipes  //  No Comments

The Lunch Bunch is some of the really easy things I make at work or take with me for lunch

This was today’s salad at my desk, not a great photo, but it tasted great! I took everything to work in a little container apart from the lettuce which I grabbed from the markets at lunchtime.

Baby lettuce greens
Finely grated carrot
Hemp seeds
Finely chopped brazil nuts (with a nut grinder device)
Nutritional yeast
Lime juice
Himalayan salt

Grating your carrots super fine makes such a difference. They are super juicy and mush together well with the nutritional yeast, avocado and lime juice. I have a grater that has one side with really fine holes. They’re about the size of a parmesean grater. Totally worth getting one of these if you don’t have one already.

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