The Lunch Bunch: Corn Salad Salad

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The Lunch Bunch is some of the really easy things I make at work or take with me for lunch

I love Corn Salad or Marche or Lamb’s Lettuce, Which ever name you prefer. It’s got a kind of a nutty flavour and the leaves are quite thick. It”s high in Vitamin C and contains the much sought after Omega 3 fatty acids. They had some baby Corn Salad at the market today for really cheap. So guess what I had for lunch?

Corn Salad

Roma Tomatoes


Hemp Seeds

Thinly Sliced Asparagus

Thinly Sliced Zucchini (done with a peeler)

Lemon Juice

Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Himalayan Salt

Free Raw Food Talk with Karen Knowler

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One of my favourite raw food ladies, Karen Knowler, is holding a free teleconference on October 7th entitled Seven Simple Secrets to Going & Staying Successfully Raw.

I’ve listened to a number of her talks and they are so great, especially for people just starting out on the raw food lifestyle. I can’t recommend these type of resources enough if you are feeling like the only raw foodie out there and need a little motivation. If you don’t know her, Karen is a raw food coach living in the UK. She has a number of how to videos well worth checking out on youtube.

You can sign up to the teleconference and listen online here. If you can’t make it at the given time you can also download an mp3, throw it on your iPod and listen while you go out for a walk.

Raw Potluck Pizza

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These are the mini pizzas my flatmate and I made for the raw potluck movie night we went to this weekend.It was so fun, we made all kinds of raw ‘junk’ food. Snacks for watching movies and playing board games. There were kale chips, chocolate sunflower milk, mini pizzas, zucchini linguini, chocolate coconut truffles and these little fruity larabar tasting bliss balls. Everyone went all out, we had such a feast!

I didn’t write the whole recipe down for the pizzas this time. But they were really delicious so I will have to do them again with the full recipe. The round bases were a sprouted buckwheat and flax bread and the square bases were juice pulp, flax and other seeds. Then we made a sundried tomato paste and basil pesto to spread on the base. For toppings we had semi-dried mushrooms, onions and red capsicum and fresh green zebra and red tomatoes. To top it off we made a a cashew cheese sauce. Quite a lot of nuts in one go for me these days, but once in a while it’s ok.

Green Smoothie Lecture Notes

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I went along to Victoria and Valya Boutenko’s talk in Wellington last night. Although I knew their story well from reading Green for Life it was great to hear Victoria tell it in person. She talked about a lot of things I am going to try and implement in my own life.

Here are a few points I took away from the lecture:

  1. You should try to get in 1-2 litres of green smoothie per day.
  2. The best time to drink your smoothie is from 6am-noon as that is when your body can assimilate the nutrients most effectively.
  3. You should try to sip away at your smoothie rather than gulping it all down at once.
  4. Green Smoothie will keep for up to 3 days in the refrigerator whereas juice needs to be consumed right away or else it oxidises.
  5. You should rotate your greens, don’t just stick to one or two.
  6. You should get in 2 big bunches of greens a day. (A bunch would be something like a head of lettuce or a bunch of silverbeet)
  7. If you blend your greens you can assimilate more of the nutrients, so you don’t need as many as when you eat them whole.
  8. If you’re new to green smoothies you might like to start off with a 70/30 ratio of fruit to greens and gradually move to a 30/70 ratio as you get used to the greens.
  9. You should use greens that are able to be rolled around in your fingers. Things like broccoli or cabbage are too starchy and will create gas when combined with fruits.
  10. Greens are in a separate category to vegetables.
  11. Don’t mix in supplements with your green smoothie, it causes your body to concentrate on those rather than the minerals in the greens. Save your supplements for another smoothie.
  12. The best time to pick your greens is before they have flowers or have gone to seed. Once this happens the plant sends all the nutrients into the flower and then into the seed.
  13. Diabetes and Candida are not caused by too much sugar. You don’t need to cut out sugar. It’s actually caused by too much fat. What happens when you eat sugar is the pancreas send out some insulin to bind with the sugar in your bloodstream. If you have too much fat in your blood both the sugar and insulin are coated with fat and can’t bind together which is where the problems are caused. Dr Doug Graham has similar research on this. She said that you can cut out all fat for one week and you should see an improvement. After that you’ll also find that your body doesn’t want so much fat anymore.

If you were at the lecture as well please comment below about what you learned!

You can read more about Victoria Boutenko and her family here.

Please remember, I’m not a doctor, this is just a blog, so be sensible and do your own research.

Green Smoothie Revolution!

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I’ve had a few requests recently to post up some green smoothie recipes so I thought it would coincide nicely leading up to the Green Smoothie Revolution talks around New Zealand right now. If you’re already into raw food you’ll no doubt know all about the green smoothie but for those of you who don’t here’s the lowdown.

The basic green smoothie recipe is so easy your kids could and should make it. Take some green leafy veges and blend with fruit and water. That’s it. You’ll eventually come up with your own favourite combinations and it’s best to use what is growing seasonally and locally.

Here’s a few of my favourite blends.

Kale, Banana, Tangelo, Spring Water

Kale, Banana, Yellow Plums, Spring Water, topped with goji berries (as shown above)

Spinach, Strawberry, Mint, Banana, Spring Water

Banana, Swiss Chard, Blueberries, Goji Berries, Coconut, Spirulina, Bee Pollen, Spring Water

Savoury: Spinach, Avocado, Red Capsicum, Tomato, Unpasteurised Miso Paste, Alfalfa Sprouts, Zucchini, Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Tamari, Spring Water. You can eat this version in a bowl like a soup with chunks of tomato and avocado. So good on a hot day.

Greens are so vital for our health, they provide so many nutrients and minerals that we should try to get them in wherever we can. So that’s why the green smoothie is so great. Kids love them too. It’s a good way to hide the greens if you aren’t that into the flavour. The taste of the fruit cancels out the chlorophyll taste of the greens. If you’re just starting out, I recommend a nice mildly flavoured green like spinach which is really high in protein. Ditch the multivitamins and try drinking a 500ml glass or more of green smoothie a day and see how great you feel after a week.

Here’s a great demonstration from the lovely Karen Knowler


If you’re in Wellington or Christchurch you’re in luck! The green smoothie queen herself is doing a tour of Australasia during February. Victoria Boutenko and her daughter Valya are doing a series of talks all about green smoothies and all things raw vegan. You can get more info about the Boutenko family here.

February 26th:
Wellington, New Zealand

When: Thurs 26 Feb. 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Where: Wellington Central Baptist Church, 46 Boulcott Street, Wellington Central
(free parking at the Tournament Car park building opposite)
Cost: $30 reduced to $25 if paid by 20 Feb.
For bookings & enquires: or phone Wgtn 04-384 7070
or email

Feb. 28th Christchurch, New Zealand
When: Sat. 28 Feb. 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: Christchurch Netball Centre
Hagley Park, central Christchurch
Cost: $25 (registration essential)
For bookings & enquiries: email on or by
texting or calling 027 339 0051.
Messages can also be left on 03 343 2022.

Atsumi detox in Thailand

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I’m on my fourth and final day of fasting at Atsumi on Phuket in Thailand. It’s been amazing and one of the highlights of my trip. I completely recommend it. Most people do at least a week but four days was all I had time for. You can do an all raw fast or a juice fast or the full fast, which is what I did.

The daily schedule consists of morning yoga and your choice of massage (Thai, reflexology, oil, thaiatsu) sometime during the day. There’s also a beach trip each day and an activity at night like meditation, kickboxing, salsa dancing which all helps to keep you busy. Or you can just do your own thing. We also alternate arise and shine herbs and chompa to help that mucoid plaque out with psyllium and bentonite clay shakes. And to get all of those dirty toxins out we do two colemas a day. So after all that there’s not much time to be thinking of food.

They have plenty of additional therapies like rebirthing, hypnotherapy and acupuncture. Yesterday I had the most amazing therapy though. It was part reiki and energy work and part card reading with a medium. She told me about every part of my life now and for the future. Things that only I could have known, it was incredible.

As far as the physical detox goes, the first three days were tough, I was pretty weak for the most part but this morning I woke up feeling better than ever. Best trip ever. Everyone should do it.

Find out more about Atsumi here.

The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room

A Massage Hut

A Massage Hut

Gardens at Atsumi

Gardens at Atsumi

Atsumi healing centre

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Today I leave Hanoi to go back to Thailand. As interesting as Vietnam has been I am really looking toward to the warm beaches of Thailand again. I’ve booked into Atsumi Healing Centre on Phuket for a few days of fasting, yoga, meditation, colonics and massage. For the first time in well over a year I caught a little cold and I’ve been feeling a little run down. And I can tell you exactly why. While fruit and juice and smoothies are easy to order from the menu in south east Asia, fresh raw greens aren’t all that common. They’re mostly served cooked. So my diet has dropped to around 50% raw lately. I’ve still kept it strictly vegan and free of processed junk but I’m not getting anywhere near the amount of greens I am used to other than some green powder I bought along for the trip.. My travelling companions are neither raw nor vegan so we’ve been out at restaurants a lot rather than the markets. All poor excuses I know, but you make compromises where you have to for such a great trip. So more to come on how things go at Atsumi in the coming days.


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I’ve just finished a colonic session at Rasayana, an inner city detox centre and raw food restaurant. It was pretty hard to find, I took a taxifrpm banglamphu and gave the driver a map that Rasayana had faxed to my hotel. It still took a good 3/4 hr to get there with my two phrase Thai vocabulary and the taxi drivers bad English but we got there in the end for 300baht. Well it was all worth it. The food was amazing, I could have ordered the whole menu had I not just had the colonic. I was sitting there wishing I could be more hungry. So I settled on a green juice and a thai coconut noodle salad which was just divine. It had coconut and zucchini strips with a spicy Thai tomato sauce and peppers and semi dried baby tomatoes on a bed of lettuce. Bring the raw glutton that I am I ordered some nori rolls to take home for later and a selection of little raw snacks from the counter. The carrot crackers were really delicious and crunchy. They were made from carrot, sprouted almonds and cashews, thyme, flaxseed and love 😉 my other favourite were the carob macadamia crackers. They tasted more like banana though. They were a crispy blend of banana, coconut, sesame, carob, macadamia and love (they write that on all the ingredients!) I would love to go back there and try everything but we are off out of Bangkok tomorow so I’ll just have to ration my snacks as best I can.