Raw Potluck Pizza

Apr 1, 2009   //   by myrakelly   //   Uncategorized  //  1 Comment

These are the mini pizzas my flatmate and I made for the raw potluck movie night we went to this weekend.It was so fun, we made all kinds of raw ‘junk’ food. Snacks for watching movies and playing board games. There were kale chips, chocolate sunflower milk, mini pizzas, zucchini linguini, chocolate coconut truffles and these little fruity larabar tasting bliss balls. Everyone went all out, we had such a feast!

I didn’t write the whole recipe down for the pizzas this time. But they were really delicious so I will have to do them again with the full recipe. The round bases were a sprouted buckwheat and flax bread and the square bases were juice pulp, flax and other seeds. Then we made a sundried tomato paste and basil pesto to spread on the base. For toppings we had semi-dried mushrooms, onions and red capsicum and fresh green zebra and red tomatoes. To top it off we made a a cashew cheese sauce. Quite a lot of nuts in one go for me these days, but once in a while it’s ok.