Minty Orange Datorade

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Oranges are available year round in most places, so this is a great go to energy drink. Forget all those processed sports drinks and fake energy drinks. Fruit is where it’s at.


6 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
6 pitted medjool dates
6 fresh mint leaves


Blend all ingredients and drink!


You can use any oranges for this, tangelos have the most juice and are the sweetest, Valencia’s have a lot of juice but aren’t as sweet and navels are sweet but have more fibre. Look for navels with a big belly button, they are sweeter! If you want to get a lot of calories in drink it all at once or you can drink throughout the day or make less if you just want a snack.

1060 calories

Orange Tahini Salad Dressing

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Orange Tahini Salad Dressing

The sweet creamy dressing makes the most of the delicious navel oranges that are in season now. It comines well with greens like cos lettuce or cabbage. Top with some grated carrots and raisins for extra sweetness and you’re good to go!


Orange Tahini Dressing

2 Tbsp Raw Tahini*

3 Medium Oranges

1/4 Cup Water

Salad Ingredients

1 Head of Cos/Romaine Lettuce

3 Large Carrots

1/4 Cup Raisins

Optional: Pepitas/Pumpkin Seeds (soaked & dehydrated)

Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt to taste


Peel the oranges and blend with the tahini. Add the water a bit at a time as needed depending on how juicy your oranges are. You don’t want this to turn into a smoothie!

Finely grate the carrots. Using a fine grater will give you more flavoursome carrots.

Finely slice the lettuce and toss everything together with the raisins and pepitas

Add salt to taste.

*How to make raw tahini

Raw tahini is expensive to buy and I’ve never seen it in Australia or New Zealand, so I make my own in my Vitamix blender.

Simply take a couple of cups or more of raw sesame seeds and blend on a low setting.

Use the tamper to keep pushing the seeds down as the mixture will rise up the walls of the blender. It will take a few minutes for the seeds to begin to release the oils and start forming a paste. You may need to stop now and again to prevent the mixture from overheating. You’ll be able to feel it warm up on the ouside of the container.

Then just continue to blend until you reach a consistency that you’re happy with.