Singing For Your Supper

Nov 7, 2009   //   by Kelly   //   resources  //  1 Comment


I am a true music nerd at heart. I listen to just about everything and I am always scouring the internet for new artists. So I was excited to hear that Jonsi ( the singer from one of my favourite Icelandic groups, Sigur Ros) had a side project with his partner Alex. The project is aptly named Jonsi & Alex. I was checking out their site for mp3 samples and to my surprise they had a handwritten raw vegan cookbook and some raw vegan videos. It just makes me love them even more.

The Good Heart Recipe Book was made as a gift for friends & family and now they are sharing it with us too. It is available as a free pdf download from their website where you can also watch them making some things from the book. Some of the recipes a bit of a nut overload for my current diet but the book is so cute and crafty. I feel inspired to make my own book presents this christmas.

Go on. Check them out.

Recipe Book