"Nellie has the rare ability of see a person as a whole and works with individuals as individuals, no matter what the ailment maybe. She is a wealth of practical knowledge and advice and her enthusiasm for field is both encouraging and inspiring. Her calm and positive nature is non judgemental and full of solutions that she feels more like that all-knowing older sister who listens and understands your problems with a fix-it for anything. She's living proof that if you learn to understand your body and give it what it needs, you'll be a happier person and lead a more beautiful life."


"My first appointment with Nellie was in 2009. At the time I was overworked, tired and feeling sluggish most of the time. My digestion was all over the place. Since then Nellie has assisted me to make positive lifestyle choices and support my immune system and bowel with herbal and natural remedies. Nellie has helped me to manage my stress levels and be more in touch with my body, it’s reaction to stress and emotions and it’s needs. Since I was little I have also suffered from hayfever and up until last year I cannot remember a Spring or Summer without a daily antihistamine. In Spring 2010 I decided to see what natural remedies would do. Nellie provided me with a herbal tincture and I only used one antihistamine all summer and I could do away with the costs and groggy feeling of taking medication. Overall I feel and am healthier than I have ever been."


"The Healthy Living Retreat will be a fantastic retreat! Kelly and Nellie are both great examples of the benefits of healthy living, amazing cooks and lots of fun! Live blood analysis & iridology are fascinating ways to gain extra insight of the inner workings of the body and they'll be lots of inspiration to take the healthy living back home."

Jo Stewart, Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Garden of Yoga