Atsumi healing centre

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Today I leave Hanoi to go back to Thailand. As interesting as Vietnam has been I am really looking toward to the warm beaches of Thailand again. I’ve booked into Atsumi Healing Centre on Phuket for a few days of fasting, yoga, meditation, colonics and massage. For the first time in well over a year I caught a little cold and I’ve been feeling a little run down. And I can tell you exactly why. While fruit and juice and smoothies are easy to order from the menu in south east Asia, fresh raw greens aren’t all that common. They’re mostly served cooked. So my diet has dropped to around 50% raw lately. I’ve still kept it strictly vegan and free of processed junk but I’m not getting anywhere near the amount of greens I am used to other than some green powder I bought along for the trip.. My travelling companions are neither raw nor vegan so we’ve been out at restaurants a lot rather than the markets. All poor excuses I know, but you make compromises where you have to for such a great trip. So more to come on how things go at Atsumi in the coming days.

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