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I’ve just finished a colonic session at Rasayana, an inner city detox centre and raw food restaurant. It was pretty hard to find, I took a taxifrpm banglamphu and gave the driver a map that Rasayana had faxed to my hotel. It still took a good 3/4 hr to get there with my two phrase Thai vocabulary and the taxi drivers bad English but we got there in the end for 300baht. Well it was all worth it. The food was amazing, I could have ordered the whole menu had I not just had the colonic. I was sitting there wishing I could be more hungry. So I settled on a green juice and a thai coconut noodle salad which was just divine. It had coconut and zucchini strips with a spicy Thai tomato sauce and peppers and semi dried baby tomatoes on a bed of lettuce. Bring the raw glutton that I am I ordered some nori rolls to take home for later and a selection of little raw snacks from the counter. The carrot crackers were really delicious and crunchy. They were made from carrot, sprouted almonds and cashews, thyme, flaxseed and love 😉 my other favourite were the carob macadamia crackers. They tasted more like banana though. They were a crispy blend of banana, coconut, sesame, carob, macadamia and love (they write that on all the ingredients!) I would love to go back there and try everything but we are off out of Bangkok tomorow so I’ll just have to ration my snacks as best I can.

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